Google Pixel 4 review

Google Pixel 4 is the fourth smartphone the tech giant has built in-house. Google keeps insisting that it cares more about function than it does the appearance. But reactions to the Google Pixel 4 have been mixed. Some argue that true to Google’s word, the phone’s design is sorely lacking. Others have criticized the device […]

Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you are looking for an interesting keyboard with a lot of effective lights, one of the best options is the Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard. It is an attractive keyboard with a lot of possibilities you can use in practice. Full RGB lightning and anti-ghosting effects add a special dimension to the keyboard. When […]

iPhone 11 Pro review

The new version of the 11th iteration of the iPhone is finally here and it is causing quite the buzz. Every iPhone 11 Pro review you read keeps trying to identify all the components that separate this device from its predecessors. Anyone that understands smartphones knows that they can sometimes blend together. But the iPhone […]