Amazon is one of the world’s biggest companies, having raked in over $ 280 billion in revenue in 2019. Boasting over 150 million Prime members around the globe, the trillion-dollar company is wealthier than some countries.

And yet its immense success has done little to protect Amazon from COVVID 19. The company has more than 500 warehouses in the US. Of these, 50 have recorded cases of the coronavirus. Amazon believes that its workers are among the most vital in the US because they are responsible for delivering crucial items to citizens that have been forced to self-isolate in their homes to escape the coronavirus scourge.

Amazon has attempted to meet the crushing demand for its services by increasing its hourly rate and taking steps to hire new employees. But in their efforts to keep operations at their various warehouses running smoothly, they have attracted criticisms for their inability to protect their frontline workers.

This is why they are now moving to build their own coronavirus testing facility. With the lab’s tools, they will be better positioned to monitor the health of their employees. Amazon has already started assembling the resources it will need to construct the first lab.

The plan is to test its capabilities on a small group of workers to see how well it performs. If it meets expectations, the company will build more labs across the country. Amazon hasn’t completely neglected the responsibility it has for the health of its workers.

The company regularly monitors the temperature of its employees, particularly when they first arrive. It also endeavors to disinfect workstations. But that hasn’t stopped workers from complaining about a lack (or shortage) of masks and other essential protective gear.

Amazon hopes to quell the anger surrounding its response to COVID 19 by getting the first testing lab up and running as quickly as possible. It has pulled program managers, software engineers, research scientists and other professionals from their daily routines to focus on the initiative.

It is assumed that a large-scale testing scheme on the part of Amazon will finally arrest the spread of COVID 19 within the company, especially if it works as they expect. For the moment, the company is doing what it can to combat the negative press it keeps attracting.

Jeff Bezos has been seen touring the various locations of his company to show that he is taking a proactive interest in the concerns that workers, politicians, and the public have raised.