Without a doubt, the process of horizontal directional drilling has paved the way for commercial enterprises and organisations and even homeowners who need extra installations for utilities – from water to gas to power to telecommunications and more. With proper access to the process of horizontal directional drilling, it is now entirely possible for you to install your needed utilities almost anywhere – and with a minimum of effort and cost and with fewer disruptions to the area as well. But what exactly is horizontal directional drilling, and what are its advantages? Here’s everything you should know about horizontal directional drilling and its main benefits.

The basics of horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is a process that allows specialists to drill through the ground horizontally without being required to dig through or across a wide expanse of ground or soil. This process can give you more options for the laying of cables or pipes for utilities. In prior years, your only choice when it came to installing cables or piping would have been to destroy a particular landscape, with a large crew in the area and spend weeks – sometimes even months – digging holes and trenches for the installation of pipes and cables. With horizontal directional drilling, however, the process has taken on a less obtrusive form, resulting in faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective drilling that is better for everyone involved.

Compared to other drilling processes and procedures where the equipment needs to be operated both above-ground and underground, horizontal directional drilling makes use of equipment that can operate underground while it is being managed and controlled above-ground. 

The main advantages and benefits of horizontal directional drilling

  • Durability – with horizontal directional drilling, you can benefit from pipes and cables that are stronger and more robustly laid, leading to fewer problems or issues down the line.
  • A lower cost of installation – since horizontal directional drilling requires less manpower, you don’t need to spend an exorbitant sum to get your installation sorted out. It involves a smaller workforce, and it is essentially the machine that does the work
  • A much quicker and faster installation – almost all construction and building and installation projects are pressed for time and follow a strict timeline and schedule. With horizontal directional drilling, you don’t have to worry about adhering to your schedule and timeline because the process is much quicker and faster compared to other forms of drilling, and it causes much less disruption to the surrounding environment. This is indeed a welcome thing, especially for areas that are environmentally sensitive and areas where you need to go around existing utilities and cables and make sure they are not damaged.

Horizontal directional drilling also referred to as HDD, is a relatively new form of drilling using highly-advanced machinery and skilled workers and specialists. It also allows you to have better and more enhanced accuracy as well as flexibility in the placement of your cables and pipes. With horizontal directional drilling, you don’t have to deal with stressful road disruptions or closures and other known complications when it comes to traditional installation and digging projects.