Here are some interesting facts. The sun’s one-minute power generation can cover one year’s energy needs of the world. In 24 hours, the sun can generate energy that the global population can use in 27 years.

If you are thinking if it is going to be worth it to invest in a solar system if you live in Manchester, UK, the answer is yes. Experts say that solar energy is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. The growth of the industry in the UK is proof that even with the generally grey weather in the country, it is still possible to take advantage of solar power as a renewable energy source. 

Homeowners interested in installing solar in Manchester should focus on learning the different types of solar panels and finding out which one is right for their home. An average home in the UK will need a 3kW system, which can cover about 21 square metres.

Types of solar panels

Several years back, solar panels were only used to heat water. What many consumers do not know is that many types are available. which can generate green electricity. With technological developments, it is possible to store solar energy so you’ll have power 24/7, even when the sun is not shining brightly.

  • Standard solar panels. For many UK households, the most popular are the conventional solar panels. They are arranged in frames and placed on your roof with brackets in the exact position where they can receive optimum sunlight. The standard solar panels have the highest efficiency and give a higher ROI. 
  • Solar tiles. They look like the regular interlocking slate tiles, so you can replace some of the tiles on your roof, maintaining your roof’s aesthetics. However, solar tiles are more expensive than solar panel systems but less efficient. However, if your roof is at the correct angle to collect sunlight, this is a good option. 
  • Thin-film solar panels. Thin-film solar panels are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to use something light on their roofs. This type of solar panel is becoming more popular since they are flexible, easy to fold, and roll. The panels are easy to transport, and you can use them for tents or caravans. However, they need more space than regular solar panels because they are less efficient. The panels contain cadmium telluride, a toxic substance. Therefore, homeowners should dispose of them carefully. 
  • Tempered or plate glass solar panels. The type of glass the solar panels use makes a big difference to the system’s longevity. Tempered glass is more expensive than plate glass, but the former can last longer, which equates to more savings as you can use the solar power system for a long time. 

Choosing the right solar panel for your home will depend on your budget for the system and installation, as well as your home’s aesthetics. It is a good idea to consult an expert solar system provider to arrive at the right decision.