Your immune system is supposed to protect your body from disease. It acts as a defensive mechanism that combats pathogens. But your immune system has its limits. There are diseases it simply cannot overcome on its own.

You also have illnesses that compromise the immune system, weakening its ability to protect you. While you have the option of using chemical drugs to resolve this issue, there are more natural ways of boosting your immune system, including:

1). Sleep

Everyone needs rest. Your body uses the hours you spend asleep to rejuvenate itself. If you fail to get adequate sleep, your immune system will weaken. The reverse is also true. By making sure that you log seven or more hours of sleep, you will strengthen your immune system.

2). Exercise

Exercise can do wonders for the body. Besides raising the metabolism and eliminating excess fat, the right exercises will boost your immune system by increasing antibody and T-cell production. Along with expelling toxins and lowering the hormones responsible for stress, exercise will leave your body in better shape.

This will arm your immune system with all the tools it requires to protect you from diseases.

3). Food

Your health is directly connected to the food you eat. To boost your immunity, you must maintain a healthy diet, one that includes whole-plant foods like seeds, nuts, and fruits that decrease inflammation, healthy fats such as those found in salmon, and fermented foods like yogurt.

You must also limit your consumption of sugar and refined carbs. This will allow you to keep your weight under control, not to mention avoiding chronic illnesses like diabetes.

4). Water

Every medical professional you visit encourages you to stay hydrated because water greatly benefits the body. You don’t have to limit yourself to water. But, for the most part, there is no healthier substitute.

Water will flush toxins out of your body, improve your mood, and enhance focus. In performing all these functions and more, water will boost your immune system. The goal isn’t to drink massive quantities of water in one go. Rather, you need to stay hydrated throughout the day.

5). Stress

You need to minimize your stress. Stress can have a negative impact on your physical health. This is why you should tackle the sources of stress in your life as soon as you identify them. You are also encouraged to adopt activities such as yoga, meditation, and exercise which can help you relax.