The new version of the 11th iteration of the iPhone is finally here and it is causing quite the buzz. Every iPhone 11 Pro review you read keeps trying to identify all the components that separate this device from its predecessors. Anyone that understands smartphones knows that they can sometimes blend together.

But the iPhone 11 Pro deserves all the hype it has attracted, going to great lengths to stand out from the crowd and delivering notable features and attributes such as:

1). Size

The iPhone 11 Pro is heavier than the XS by 11g but the difference is negligible. On the other hand, you can’t fail to notice that the pro is also taller (by 0.4mm), wider (by 0.5mm), and thicker (by 0.4mm). And yet that doesn’t make the device unwieldy. You can hold it with one hand with ease. It can also fit in most pockets.

2). Display

The Pro-Level OLED Screen (Super Retina XDR) is amazing, capable of displaying HDR10 content. It is also brighter than you expect, delivering sharp visuals that are rich with color and full of contrast. Some people might knock the iPhone 11 Pro because the 60Hz screen it boasts is inferior to the 90Hz displays some alternative devices offer. But the screen provided by the iPhone 11 Pro is still sufficiently smooth.

3). Specs

You get 64GB of storage which some people find disappointing because the phone takes 4K videos which are massive. However, along with 4GB of RAM, A13 Bionic Chip and a litany of connectivity options (Bluetooth 5, Ultra Wide-band, LTE, GPS, and WiFi 6, not to mention NFC and Lightning), the specs of the iPhone 11 Pro are quite impressive

4). Camera

This device has three 12MP lenses at the back. They are responsible for the ultra-wide perspective. You don’t have to move backwards to create a frame wide enough to fit your shot. With ‘Night Mode’, you can now take pictures of breathtaking quality even in dimly lit settings. Few other low-light cameras are as good as this one.

5). Battery

The iPhone XS could survive for 24 hours without charging. The iPhone 11 Pro can survive 32 hours which many an Apple enthusiast will celebrate. Apple provides an 18W USB-C fast charger. It takes a little over two hours to get this phone to a full charge.

When it comes to money, this phone costs nearly a thousand US dollars. You have to decide whether the advancements in camera technology are worth that price.