When setting up email marketing for your company, you can often reach a point of quantity over quality. Which one would be best for your company and your approach to business overall? Let’s take a look at which approach would be best for you.

How Often Do You Need to Send One?

Some brands fall into the trap of thinking that they need to bombard their customers with marketing emails or they will be forgotten or abandoned in favour of another company. This rarely happens in practice, and you can instead focus on improving the quality of each one. Doing so means that you will always have something to say when releasing an email, as opposed to searching for something to fill a scheduled release.

For example, some brands keep their email marketing to just a monthly release. This gives them time to curate what they want to say perfectly. They can take the time to find the content they want to use instead of rushing to fill a space with something else to say. Taking this approach might be better for your company and would allow you to compose emails more akin to monthly updates over press or promotional releases.

High-Quality Throughout

If you do decide to opt for a quantity over quality, you are still going to have to come up with a base standard that you want to see extended across all emails. You cannot afford for the first email to be sent out beautifully presented, only for follow-ups to not meet these standards whatsoever. Establishing your expectations will be essential so your creative and marketing teams know what they have to create.

This need for impeccable quality stretches beyond aesthetic choices like images and text. You also need to make sure that the actual make-up of the email is of the best quality possible. For example, you may want to include the list-unsubscribe header in your emails. While some consider it to be a more negative gesture, it also has many benefits that outweigh it. 


Time is a big factor in any business. Though you may want to send out emails as often as possible, you also may not have the in-house capabilities needed to do so to the standards that you have set down. Your teams need to be able to find the content needed, find images, make the email itself, and potentially create a landing page if there is a link as part of it.

This is all on top of any other jobs your staff may have within the company. It can be a tremendous amount of work to send out emails, especially if you are changing and customising each one for your customers. For example, you may choose to send one email to someone who has made an account with you but never placed an order that would be completely different from someone making their way up your VIP ladder. There is no end to the level of customisation available through email marketing, but you do have to bear in mind the time it takes to make them.

Which is Better for You?

You will probably reach the conclusion that quality is always going to be better than quantity; as it should be across many other areas of your business. Take the time to create high-quality emails that your clients and customers will be impressed by. No matter what you choose to use these emails for – be it promotional codes or a shoutout about a new opportunity – you always need to make sure they are the best they could possibly be.