Team building activities and games are easy if your employees are in the same place. But what do you do with remote workers? When people are working far away from one another, you have to think of ways to carry out team building activities virtually.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Some of the more effective games and team building activities that can bring your remote workers together include:

1). Quiz

Quizzes are very easy to arrange and administer with the technology companies have at their disposal these days. The key is to craft quizzes that allow workers to better understand one another as people, not to mention sparking a conversation afterward. There are several apps you can use to create and disseminate polls and multiple-choice questions.

2). Rock Paper Scissors

Rock, paper, scissors is not only easy to play but highly addictive and competitive. You can create entire tournaments around this game using video conferencing software. Some companies might be tempted to play a virtual version of the game which is just as effective.

3). Photos

One way of getting your workers to bond is to encourage them to take pictures of the most meaningful things in their vicinity. They can then share those photos and narrate a story associated with each photo.

This will allow your workers to better understand one another, not just who they are as people but the environments they inhabit and the existence they pursue every day.

4). Tour

Rather than limiting your workers to a few photos, you can encourage each one to provide a virtual tour of their home and community. Let them show everyone their office space, the people they work with, the streets they walk every day, etc. This is a great way for your remote workers to grow intimately familiar with one another’s lives even though they live and work miles away from each other.

5). Movies

Plan a movie night. Choose a movie everyone likes, set a time, and let all your remote workers watch it at the same time whilst interacting via video, live chat, messenger, whatever tool you have on hand. This will allow for a more casual conversation to unfold.

6). Bucketlist

Ask your workers to create a list of all the things they want to do in life. Let each one share their list. If some employees have similar entries on their list, encourage them to pursue those goals together.