Cost is one of the factors to consider when looking for an office space to rent. However, it’s not the only reason for closing the deal. It would help if you also considered how comfortable your employees will be working there. If you think they no longer feel comfortable, it’s time to consider leaving. Other office spaces might be more suitable for you. These are the signs that you have to find a different work area. 

Your employees are no longer productive

Various factors affect the productivity of employees. The work area could be one of them. If they don’t feel comfortable working in that space, they might not work as hard as they could. They might also feel distracted and are unable to concentrate on the job. You can ask for the possible reasons why they’re unproductive, and if you think it’s because of the workplace, you have to leave. 

The space looks crowded

No one wants to be in a crowded office space. Your employees also want a private space. It doesn’t mean they’re not doing their job. They still want to maintain privacy and not let everyone know what they do in their area. It might be impossible if the space looks crowded. You rented the office space when you only had a few employees. Now that you have more, it might be time to leave. 

They don’t find it accessible 

You have to check if your employees arrive at work on time. If they don’t, it could be due to the accessibility of the office. Find out if a lot of them feel the same way. Not all your employees drive to work. If the office is too far from train or bus stations, they will most likely be late. Be considerate and look for a more accessible office. 

They have to do other tasks

Employees expect to do their assigned tasks based on the job description. However, if they have to clean the office, empty the trash, and deal with repair issues, it might be too much for them. They might even have to spend time doing other tasks not related to their job. Even the replacement of office supplies is a part of their daily routine. It means that your office doesn’t have maintenance and cleaning staff. You can look for a different office space that can provide these services. 

You can’t give the employees everything they want. However, you can help them by renting a suitable office space. You can check out the best units to rent in Manchester. You will find several offices that would be perfect for your employees. Compare the features and choose a space that matches your preferences. You can also survey your employees to ask what they want in the workplace. 

Although the rental cost is a huge factor, it shouldn’t be the only reason for choosing an office. Don’t settle for anything less since a comfortable work environment affects the employees’ productivity.